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Beach Weddings in Puerto Rico

Getting married in Puerto Rico without spending so much

Getting married is one of the moments in which many people dream. The reasons for getting married are incalculable. When we match for love, we want to spend the rest of our days with our chosen partner. We want to celebrate the wedding with our family and loved ones for this and a thousand more reasons. That day is one of the few moments when we can unite both families in one place to enjoy together. This activity requires many preparations and coordination, so we must plan it.

Aqua Events in Puerto Rico offers these tips so you can have your wedding on the beach without spending so much.

Several points to consider planning a wedding on the beach:

  • We got married civilly or in the church.
    • If you get married in the church, it is essential to coordinate with the parish priest the availability of dates. Even more so if you want the parish priest to visit the selected place to perform the ceremony.
    • Concerning civil matters, there are many procedures to carry out; we will include these requirements in another post.
  • The number of people we want to invite, with this number we can calculate the budget for the celebration.
  • Do we have a small budget for the celebration? The type of wedding and the number of people you can invite will depend on this.
  • The place where we want to celebrate the activity.
  • Date and season of the wedding. Verify that this date does not coincide with important celebrations.
  • Activity menu, drinks, hors d’oeuvres.
  • Choose the groom’s and bridesmaids’ clothing.
  • Decor
  • Photographs
  • If we get married in the church, and the wedding takes place in the church, we must coordinate the transportation of the bride and groom to the venue.
  • Toast
  • Honeymoon.
  • Rings, guest dress code, a bouquet.
  • And if we decide to get married on the beach, don’t forget the repellent.


1: Timelines for Weddings

Getting married civilly entails multiple procedures you can only carry out if you plan it in time. For example, if you do it for the church, you must also prepare the availability of the person offering the wedding.

Not planning limits your options and will increase your expenses because everything is cheaper at the last minute.

2: Wedding Venue | Choose the perfect place

Choosing a place on the beach outside a hotel will be cheaper, and you could be more in contact with nature.

Remember you can do the ceremony and the activity in the same place.

Here the guests are not sitting in a chair at the ceremony; they live in the place.

We offer you the facilities of Aqua Events facing the beach with a spectacular view. We recommend doing the activity at sunset because the photos will be breathtaking.

Another attraction right now is outdoor activities due to Covid. Although cases have already decreased, people feel safer being outdoors.

3: Wedding Date | Choose the time of year for the wedding so that you save on plane tickets.

Puerto Rico has the perfect climate year-round, allowing us to schedule when we want to get married without fearing the cold, pollen, or other variables.

Suppose we will hold the wedding in Puerto Rico, and we have family outside of Puerto Rico that we want to participate in the activity. In that case, they will come to the activity when cheaper plane tickets can be obtained. Unfortunately, in high seasons the tickets are usually more expensive.

On a holiday weekend, we know the tickets may cost twice as much, and only some of our relatives have the budget.

4: Accommodation for relatives. Look for cheap alternatives.

Whether relatives come from outside of Puerto Rico or if the wedding takes place in a town that is not where you live, we must think about accommodation for family and friends. Always remember that by having a couple of drinks, you can have an accident if you drive back to the residence.

If you do the activity in a luxury hotel, you know that the rooms will be expensive and they won’t even enjoy it because the stay will be for the celebration; they won’t be in the hotel to sleep.

If you choose Aqua Events to carry out the activity on the beach, there is a cheap hotel close by with rooms for up to six people. Aqua Dreams is a new boutique hotel; yes, everything is new! The bride can use this hotel to prepare before the activity and for guests visiting from further afield on the day of the action.

5: Food and drinks for the wedding

Outdoor beach weddings are an excellent option for many reasons. For example, the menu can also be more straightforward, and it can be delicious without being expensive.

I love the option of hiring a paellero to make paella in front of guests.

Another option is to rent a food truck and make a different menu.

We can use servers to serve food, hors d’oeuvres, and drinks. A cheaper option is for people to go through the food area and look for their plates.

Depending on the option of drinks that you offer, your pocket will vary. For example, some people provide food and have alcoholic beverages paid for by the guests.

At Aqua Events, we offer food alternatives that start at 15 dollars per plate, excluding hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

If you do the activity with us, right next to us, there is a restaurant where your guests can buy alcoholic beverages and save you that expense.

6: Planning wedding attire

  • Dress for guests:
    • Celebrating a wedding on the beach allows everybody to wear lighter and less expensive clothing, but the wedding planner must establish a dress code.
    • We have done some weddings where the guests have dressed in shorts, and they look great because they are shorts and elegant shirts. But beware, you must specify that they will not wear shorts or a bathing suit with a cuffed shirt; we do not want to ruin the look. Neutral colors are recommended.
  • Attire for the bride:
    • If you are getting married on the beach, use soft fabrics that move with the wind; they look spectacular. A short suit is more comfortable. Or it can be short in the front and longer in the back. Avoid wearing a weighty dress because the last photo may be in the water.
    • We recommend that you bring another change of clothes for any eventuality.
  • Groom’s attire:
    • They look spectacular in a suit, it is a special occasion, but they can wear a light jacket, in less sober colors, because we are on the beach.

7: Inspired by nature | Saving on decoration

The main decoration of a beach wedding is the beach itself, with its beautiful sunset and natural vegetation.

Table decorations with glass jars filled with sand, several snails, and some ribbons in the color of the wedding will be spectacular without breaking the piggy bank.

Several ribbons that move with the wind hung in the palms or vegetation give the perfect touch.

The wedding planner must include the cake table with a skirt in combination with the color of the wedding must be included.

You may want to celebrate with white tablecloths and fancy china, but you don’t have to. On the beach, the most important thing is not the pottery or decoration; people enjoy the view, the breeze, nature, and the most relaxed atmosphere.

If you carry out the ceremony and activity celebration in the same place, you save money because you will only have to decorate one place.

8: Bridal bouquets

For the beach, you do not need a bouquet of exotic flowers. However, a bouquet with hibiscus, canaries, and flowers that resist a little more heat will make your bouquet last longer, look beautiful, and cost you less.

9: Wedding Cake

Many people have left the traditional and sought cheaper and more varied alternatives. You can have cupcakes.

I saw a couple that what she offered at her wedding was popsicles.

10: Wedding Music

We are on the beach, and after the waltz, we can enjoy more tropical music without spending so much. Instead, people hire a disc jockey, karaoke, or even a small stand-up. The alternatives are diverse.

11: Transportation

If you celebrate a wedding on the beach, you can have the ceremony and the celebration in the same place. In addition, celebrating all in one venue will save you on a limo rental if the bride wants transportation from the church to the activity area.

12: What do Wedding Photographers do

A good photographer is what cannot be missing at the wedding. Perhaps the options to economize here are less real because we want to hire professionals, but there are options.

At the wedding on the beach, a drone cannot be missing to take photos and videos from above. The good thing about the drone is that almost everyone has a friend or family member who has one, and this allows us to take photos and videos that we can later edit without spending so much. Sit with the photographer you choose to discuss everything he can do.

13: A Wedding Web Page

Create a wedding website. In it, the guests can confirm their attendance, including the list of gifts, schedules, dress code, address of the place, and any other valuable information.

Puerto Rico has spectacular locations and the perfect weather to celebrate your wedding on the beach. We recommend the Palo Seco sector in the Municipality of Toa Baja because it has a spectacular view for this type of activity and is an area that is only 20 minutes from San Juan. Very few places in Puerto Rico have a beach like this. Free parking area available, where you can limit the entrance to unwanted people for spectacular photos.

We can share many options and recommendations, but visiting the place is the best option to appreciate the benefits of the area.

If you are interested in more information, you can contact 787-688-5818.

We have packages for the wedding of your dreams,

Many alternatives exist if you want to have your wedding on the beach.

Call or write to us at; we will help you.


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Are you dreaming of a romantic and unforgettable wedding? Do you want to celebrate your love with your family and friends in a beautiful and exotic location? If you answered yes, you should consider having a beach wedding in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise with stunning beaches, warm weather, and rich culture. You can exchange your vows on the sand, with the sound of the waves and the breeze as your witnesses. A beach wedding in Puerto Rico is more than just a ceremony. It’s an experience you and your guests will cherish forever. That’s why we are here to help you on your special day with the passion to make your dream wedding come true.